The Motorcycle Lift
YOU build at home with standard lumber and parts from the local Lumberyard or Home Center
Motorcycle Lift Table Plans / Work Bench
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Wheel Clamp
Build your own Motorcycle Lift Table/Work Bench AND Wheel Clamp with these simple to follow step-by-step instructions and plans, using materials from your local Home Center (Lowes, HD, etc.) for about $120.00. Why buy a $400-$600 lift that weighs 400 Lbs. and then possibly pay hundreds to have it shipped when you can very easily build your own.

!!Great for Winter Projects!!
No more Kneeling on the FLOOR!

This motorcycle lift/work table is designed to be raised and lowered using a standard automotive floor jack (you supply, source is in the materials list) to a height of approximately 24, depending on your floor jack. I spent over a year designing and making prototypes of this lift and have serviced my own and friends motorcycles on it many times.
Included is a full set of CAD drawings, comprehensive parts/shopping list and step-by-step instructions, over 25 pages altogether.

Comments from recent buyers:

"Those plans are so detailed. My hat off to you! I am in the building Trade and they are better than most plans I get to build a whole house! I will attempt it probably next week. Wish me luck!"
"Plans are terrific and worth twice the price. Immediate service too. thanks"
Good job! i know you said not to change the design of your original plan. i just had to. i added 20" to all of your width dimensions and added extra supports to the all of the stops and pipes. what do you do for a living? you must be some kind of engineer to some effect. because every dimension you gave was perfectly exact, there was no trimming or fighting in any way. it just went right togeteher with no fight at all. good f'n job. it supports a polaris sportsman 700 easily. (700 lbs) it only took me 6 hrs. to build it from start to finish, including two trips to lowes. genius, thank you much for a $130 lift! i do commercial hvac for a living and seldom ever come across a drawing nearly as understandable as yours. thanks again, robert"

This is an essential item for any motorcycle owner to have for most maintenance tasks;
oil change, tune up, chain cleaning/lube or just cleaning/waxing those hard to reach areas.

If you can cut and drill plywood (your home center will cut the plywood for you) and 2x lumber (no welding!), you can easily build this lift in an afternoon. All you need are some everyday hand tools: Drill, drill bit saw, pliers, screwdriver, etc.

We have weight tested the lift to 1000 Lbs. without fail, but the load limit is
600 Lbs. MAX.
The lift doesn't weigh that much and I can stand it up on it's edge (see pics) and slide it against the garage wall for storage. This allows me to pull my Dodge Ram into the garage (standard 2 car) with room to spare.
You will get via email (no shipping charges!) a very detailed, full set of CAD plans (in PDF format), step-by-step instructions, parts list and full supplies/resource list (29 pages) for the following:
Motorcycle Lift Table/Work Bench, Ramp  &  Wheel Clamp

To purchase your copy of the plans just click the Paypal Link. I can only accept PayPal. Delivery will be via Email so that you can print them out on your printer. If you want a set of printed plans sent via mail (in the USA) then a postage fee will apply, Priority Mail will be $5.50

Complete Motorcycle Lift Plans